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Truth Serum - I Shall not Lie: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex Serum

Note: Quite a mouthful eh? For ease of reference, let's just call this one the ANR serum.

Ever since I've started giving more attention to my skin, I've been religiously following the 3 steps in my daily regime - cleanse, tone and moisturise. But deep down in me, I had this urging feeling that the 3 steps are just not enough. So I did more research on skincare, and whaddya know? There are a lot more steps involved in giving your skin to the fullest. And one of them is putting on serum.

As per, facial serum is able to provide you added moisture, and it can penetrate deeper to your skin when a regular moisturiser is not able to do so. This is mainly because serum has smaller molecules, and it is meant to deposit nutrients while moisturiser is to deposit moisture and hydration to the skin. In summary, serum provides all the nutrients that we need for the skin, and moisturiser is to provide all the hydration and lock them all in.

Voila! I do need to give more TLC to my skin indeed, by adding one more step - to 'serumise' my face (ok, I totally created that word up - but you know what I mean). But the question is - which serum?  

While I was looking for the serum, I had two things in mind - that it should be able to provide all the nutrients and hydration, and at the same time works as an anti-aging as well. Among all the products available for the consumers, I had my eyes on the Estee Lauder ANR serum mainly because, a) I was sold over the review done by Paris B from MyWomenStuff, and b) mom used the sample before and she loved it. So I took the plunge and bought one - and have never failed to apply it on my face everyday.

Why? Because this is a fabulous stuff, I swear. It makes my skin hydrated, smooth and supple. Thy face has this some sort of glow when I wake up in the morning, even if I only have 4 hours of sleep. Looks even better when I have 8 hours of beauty sleep that the body is supposed to have. I can't comment much on wrinkles though, since they are not visible yet on my face (except on the eye area (boo-hoo!), which I have the remedy here).

Believe it or not, I use this product day and night, even if the bottle says "advanced night repair" - sounds like something that you put on at night only right? According to the SA, while the ANR serum repairs the face at night when we're sleeping, it also does its job to protect the face from all the harsh things out there during the day when we are out and about. It kind of makes sense to me, so I believed him and have been using it day and night ever since. I do feel the difference though when I put it on in the morning as my face feels hydrated throughout the day, and it could sort of control the oil of my face (I have oily-normal combination skin), making it less shiny. At times, I swear that there's some cool wind blown to my face, so I guess it shows that my skin is well hydrated. I tried using this ANR serum on its own once without the moisturiser, but it's not enough to keep the skin moisturised though. So I believe that we do need to put on a moisturiser to ensure that the skin gets all the aqua needed and to lock it all in.

In terms of consistency - 2 drops are enough to cover the whole face, period. All you need to do is pump the serum using the syringe and deposit 2 drops onto your palm, rub it with the palm, pat the serum all over the face and just let it sink in. 

While the price might be on the high side, you only need 2 drops per use, and the face gets all the love that it needs as it sinks very well into the skin. Hence, a bottle of 50ml (or even the 30ml one) will take forever to finish. My take is - worth the investment as the skin will thank you later. 

I totally swear by this one, and it's going to be in my daily skincare regime without doubt. Understand that Estee Lauder will always work to improve the formula, so that's also a plus point (but I do hope that it will not break me out if they ever come up with a new formula in the future though). And oh, not to forget, while this stuff works well for me, it might not be the same to others (due to skin type etc etc). So I highly suggest that you ask for a sample first, and give it a try for perhaps a couple of days and see whether your skin is fine with it. It's ok, just put on your sweetest smile, and ask the SA nicely. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't say no to a prospective customer! :) Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts too, if you've tried it before. 

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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex Serum (RM330 / 50ml)

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