Thursday, May 10, 2012

FY Eyes Only!

I was one of those girls who did not pay too much attention to my skin previously, thinking that I have quite clear skin and should not be bothering much...until I notice fine lines under my eyes, and I'm not even 30! So the quest began, I started looking for stuff to minimise these fine lines (and by this time, I also noticed how puffy my eyes so puffy). And starting from the eyes, I've started to pay attention to the whole face (heck, it wasn't as clear and radiant as I thought it was). Hence, there goes my time and energy (and of course, money) on moisturisers, serum, lotion etc. But for this particular post, let's just focus on the eyes first, as I have some gems that I'd love to share with you, and some that does not really do the job well. Note that this solely my honest personal opinion, and whichever works for me, might not for others. But there's no harm in trying! :-) 

The first product that I tried was the Clinique All About Eyes Rich, that is supposedly able to reduce circles and puffiness. And the SA also confirmed that this is basically a all in one eye cream ie. it can also reduce the fine lines as well. But for some reason, this does not do it for me. Maybe it is  good in the moisturising effect department and has reduced the puffiness a tiny bit, but the fine lines are still there. Luckily this was purchased using a free Isetan voucher that I got from a lucky draw, else, I'll be super disappointed. But I continue to use this during the day time, to keep my under eyes hydrated. It's quite tacky though, so you need to put on quite a lot in order to cover the whole eye area.

Moving on, since the eye cream is a no-go for me, my quest continued. I started reading reviews from our lovely local bloggers, and the one that caught my eyes was the review made by Beetrice's Reviews on the Clinique All About Eyes Serum. Yes, I know it does not state anything on the ability to reduce fine lines, but I was sold over the review. And even if it may not be able to reduce fine lines, at least it could help me reduce the puffiness. FYI - my eyes are so sensitive, would turn red and watery even by a flick of dust, and be really puffy like I have just cried for hours. And I thought, since this is a serum, perhaps this might do the job after all as the particle is smaller and could absorb into the skin more effectively than the cream? Boy was I right! This product is amazzzzing! I could see that my puffiness has been reduced after 2 weeks of usage. And you only need just a little bit of the product, like 1-2 rolls, and enough to cover the whole eye area.

But then again, my fine lines were still there. Sigh. So the search of the holy grail continues. Went to every single counters at the stores, went through each and every single eye care products available, until I "accidentally" came across the next stuff, the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronised Complex. Well, not by accident of course. This came together with the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum that I bought (which I will review later), as one of the freebies (have I mentioned how I love it that Estee Lauder is so generous with their freebies?). Gave it a try, and.. well, this stuff is, hmm is just a so-so. It's good in keeping my eyes hydrated, but not so great in reducing the fine lines. I believe this stuff is more of a" preventing agent" ie. it is to delay the ageing process, but might not be the right stuff to reduce the fine lines that are already visible. Consistency is quite good, it is in a gel form and a little goes a long way. I've decided to continue to use it anyway (as my night time skincare routine), as I do believe that it will delay skin ageing. Let's check again in the next 20 years and see whether this product has done its job well, shall we? ;-)

My search did not stop there, since my concern has still not been addressed. Last weekend (one fortunate weekend I must say), I went to Suria KLCC to grab my brother's birthday gift, and I notice that Watson's was on sale. Went in, bought a couple of stuff and one of them was Nutox Oxyfusion Ageless Eye Refiner. And boy, was I glad that I purchased this one! This gem has it all! It reduces fine lines, it hydrates the eye area, reduces puffiness and dark circles, and works well as a primer too as it gives smooth and satiny feeling. I've only been using it for a week, and I could see quite a significant result. To top it all, it's cheap (well, in comparison to the other products that I've tried), but on the downside, you would need quite a lot to cover the eye area since the consistency is a bit thick. I wish I've come across this one wayyy before, so I wouldn't spend much time and energy looking for the perfect eye care stuff. Will definitely repurchase this again.

So there you have it. All about the eyes. Even if I have indeed found the right products for my eyes, I am always up for new stuff. Definitely will put up a review if I ever find new products that do wonders. But at the moment, I'm going to stick with these products down below for quite a bit.

Till later!


Products mentioned in this post;
Clinique All About Eyes Rich Cream (RM140 / 15ml)
Clinique All About Eyes Serum (RM130 / 15 ml)
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronised Complex (RM190 / 15ml)
Nutox Oxyfusion Ageless Eye Refiner (RM40 / 15ml)

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